Steve is a Colorado native.  He records his music at his home studio in northern Colorado.  This stuff is serious Colorado home grown.  He plays most all of the instruments on this album with the exception of the drums, which are a drum program.  And on a couple of tracks Jerrod Brunemeier is featured, most notably the lead track on the title song Sorries and Goodbyes.  JB also is playing bass on the song Dont Look Back. (Thankx Bro you rock!)

Steve lives and works in northern Colorado.  He is the single father of a beautiful daughter who is soon to be 18.  His hope is to reach enough people who, "like my vibe and will buy a song or two and help me put her through college."  He says that he is most proud of the "music as a whole",  meaning all of the pieces put together not any one part.  

"I have always wanted to share my music but have had other responsibilities.  I decided that time is just getting away from me and it is time to follow the dream!"

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Meet Jerrod, my featured artist.  This guy can play!

Meet Jerrod, my featured artist. This guy can play!

Love them guitars.

Love them guitars.